Sound Off

The Performing Arts Center's mission is to teach each artist that to work passionately simply for the sake of oneself is not enough.  One must also be determined to contribute something to the lives of others through their creative expression.  It is our unremitting determination that when each dancer has completed their studies, not only will they have developed as an artist but also more importantly they will have developed as human beings. 

As living in the world at this particular time proves to be a constant challenge, The Performing Arts Center congratulates and commends you on your decision and ongoing commitment to help raise and develop yourself and your children through art. 

Joseph Malone and Nanci Hammond established the Performing Arts Center in September of 1992.  Seeing a need to create a place that young dancers could train, the founders felt compelled to establish this school.  That is their expressed purpose:  to seriously train performing artists.  With the help of their benefactors, Howard and Barbara Hammond, this idea became a reality.

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